Pasta is a staple at restaurants across the United States, but the true test of a hospitality brand’s commitment to excellence is fresh pasta. There is really no comparison when it comes to taste and texture. But it’s also not

If you are looking for a high-end food manufacturing partner that won’t break the budget of your hospitality business, Culinary Specialties is here for you. Our core values help us provide you with the customer service that you would expect

Roulades are both delicious and elegant when done right. But maybe it’s not something the kitchen staff at your country club is trained to make properly. Don’t worry – Culinary Specialties is here to help! We create roulades that are

You want to provide the highest quality foods for your clients, but you also need to keep your profit margins reasonable and ensure that your meals can be prepared in the prep area of any event venue. So here are

If you want to add global cuisine to your catering, hotel, or country club menu, Culinary Specialties is here to help! We offer menu items from nearly every continent, and today, we would like to address three of the regions