Increase the Value of Your Hotel’s Breakfast

Travelers want more customization opportunities, and one that you can use to add significant value to their stay is a complimentary breakfast. However, for guests to feel like they got their money’s worth from breakfast, they need to enjoy it, not just gain a little convenience.

Here are a few quick tips to ensure a hotel guest who adds breakfast to their room will be satisfied and will want to do it again the next time they travel.

  • Make sure the coffee is delicious – Guests are not going to feel like their breakfast added value to their stay if the first thing they have to do when leaving the hotel in the morning is get a coffee because the one at breakfast was undrinkable. Besides the flavor, you also have to consider special diets and intolerances that may require different milk and sweetener options.
  • Ensure travelers on the go have something to grab quickly – Not everyone will want to sit in the dining room for breakfast. Including options that can easily be grabbed off the buffet line and taken on the road is a great idea. For example, try serving our breakfast burritos.
  • Add some protein to the breakfast menu – While coffee and a pastry is a common breakfast in Europe, Americans usually want some kind of protein with breakfast. From eggs to breakfast meats, make sure there are proteins to add to the carb-heavy bread, cereal, and pastry options.

Give Hungry Hotel Guests What They Want

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