4 Ways to Use Empanadas in Your Food Service

Hospitality businesses are broadening their menus to accommodate the modern generation that seeks cultural experiences, especially when dining. From hotels to country clubs to catering services, here are some of the ways you can use the delicious empanadas we make at Culinary Specialties to enhance a menu.

  • An easy breakfast option – We offer both sweet and savory empanadas that are perfect for a breakfast menu.
  • A hearty appetizer – To really give guests a substantial start to a meal, we provide a wide array of empanadas. There are classic ingredients like chicken or pork, and then there are more adventurous options like smoked brisket and lobster. These are sure to please guests who are hankering for meat.
  • A vegetarian option – Of course, we haven’t forgotten vegetarian guests either. There are many savory options that only involve veggies and cheese.
  • A sweet treat – Several of our empanada varieties are sweet rather than savory and can make a perfect end to a meal (especially if you serve it hot and with a scoop of ice cream). We also offer a sweet empanada that is completely vegan (you just have to remember to leave off the ice cream).

Let Culinary Specialties Be Your Food Service Partner

At Culinary Specialties, we pride ourselves on helping hospitality businesses offer delicious food that doesn’t require all the prep time and effort. Get in touch today by calling 760.744.8220 or submit a quote request online to learn more. We look forward to being your food service partner!