Improving Profit Margins for Hotel Food Service

You never want to skimp on the quality of food that you serve hotel guests, whether it is in the dining room, for room service, or even at a complimentary breakfast buffet. Culinary Specialties can help you to serve the best food without all the fuss. Here are just a few ways that we can help your hotel provide great food with a better profit margin.

  • Wholesale prices – Healthy profit margins start by not spending a fortune, and our wholesale pricing is the first way we help our clients keep their food service accounts in the black.
  • Easy to heat and serve – The next way to keep your profit margins strong is to reduce the labor required to prepare the meals. With our individually quick frozen menu items, you can feed just as many guests with less staff, and that can help make meals more profitable.
  • Quality guests will love – You want to save money but still need to serve the best food. If the food isn’t top quality, guests will pass on it, and you can’t have profits without sales. That’s why we use the freshest ingredients and make everything by hand in our ultra-safe prep area. You get delicious and attractive food that will bring guests back to the dining room.

Let Culinary Specialties Help Grow Your Food Service Profits

From breakfast and dessert items to appetizers and entrees, Culinary Specialties can help provide menu items for every aspect of your hotel’s food service. Get in touch today by calling 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote online. We look forward to helping you meet your food service needs while maintaining a high level of profitability.