Burritos have become a Tex-Mex standard across America, with many hospitality businesses focusing on them as an easy delivery system for breakfast foods. How can you put this to work for your country club members? Culinary Specialties is here to

From catering companies and country clubs to hotels and hospitals, there are tons of businesses that utilize cafeteria-style meals. Culinary Specialties makes it easy with our simple to heat and serve menu items. Let’s look at just a few items

Some of the things that are really trending in the modern food scene are cultural experiences and street food. You can combine both and provide the flavors of Sicilian street food to your hotel guests with a little help from

At Culinary Specialties, we pride ourselves on helping hospitality businesses across the US improve their menu without creating more work for your staff. One great option that we offer to Country Clubs is our delicious flatbreads. We provide a wide

You want to serve travelers and business people the best food possible at your hotel. But you also need to keep prep costs to a minimum. Culinary Specialties can help with our wholesale pricing for hospitality customers. Here are some of

More and more corporate events are making their way back into hotel conference centers. While your hotel may have a restaurant, the company may not want to spend the money on a catered meal. Boxed lunches may be the simple

From caterers and country clubs to hotels with banquet halls, the hospitality industry goes through a lot of appetizers. Culinary Specialties wants to help you deliver attractive and delicious appetizers without all the fuss. Our Canapes in Shot Glasses are

Corporate travel is still gradually coming back. Part of the reason business travel didn’t return as fast as tourism is that companies are on tighter budgets. For example, not as many businesspeople fly business class for work anymore. And yet,