Make Meals at Your Country Club Easier Than Ever!

Food service is an essential aspect of what country club members pay their dues for. If the food at your restaurant isn’t up to snuff, especially when they bring their family or guests, it’s going to make them reconsider the value they are getting for what they pay. On the other hand, you need to keep meal prep simple so that the overhead doesn’t wipe out your profits.

What can you do? Culinary Specialties can help! Our easy to heat and serve menu items are delicious. Your members and their guests get a great meal that doesn’t take a lot of effort from your staff.

Here are a few ways our individually quick frozen menu items can add value to membership at your country club.

  • Wholesale prices – Affordability for you means affordability for your members.
  • Delicious and attractive food – The quick freezing process locks in the taste and appearance of the fresh foods that we source locally and prepare by hand.
  • Easy preparation – Individual freezing portions makes it simple for your staff to prepare meals perfectly every time.
  • Safety first – Our ultra-safe prep area and consistent recall monitoring ensure that food is safe for your members and their guests to enjoy.

Simple Meals that Look and Taste Anything but Simple!

Partner with Culinary Specialties today, and let us help you make it easy to enhance your menu. Call 760.744.8220 to speak with a food specialist, or you can submit your request online. We look forward to helping you feed members and their guests without putting a strain on your budget.