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Client Testimonials


Our goal is always making sure our clients receive the best service and product possible. Here are some wonderful words from our clients. 

“Working with Culinary Specialties has been one of the easiest decisions for us as a catering company.

Their products are always on point. Our Sales Rep Meaghan is very responsive with custom requests as well as answers to any questions.

we have.

Steve Keifer

Executive Chef
Continental Catering

“Working with Culinary Specialties has been an absolutely great experience. The quality of the product and the timely delivery helps greatly in our busy hotel. With staffing troubles everyone in the industry is experiencing it feels good to have someone like Culinary Specialties deliver items we don’t have the time or capacity to make. We can always count on these products satisfying our guests. The relationship we have with Meaghan is also a unique experience. She constantly stops by to make sure we are good, she helps with last-minute requests, and just overall has a great personality as a person. I hope to continue this relationship for many more years to come!

Brian Barraza

Executive Chef
Marriott La Jolla

“I have been purchasing from Culinary Specialties for some time now and they have always provided professional service. They deliver in a prompt time frame. They offer a wide variety, at a fair price. Their customer service has been outstanding.  I would highly recommend Culinary Specialties.

Silvio Campos

Purchasing Agent
Hilton Universal City

“Culinary Specialties continues to set the bar level in unique and great tasting products. I know what to expect from Culinary Specialties, and that’s excellent service, presentation, and wonderful service from Regina DiMeglio, who is always very helpful. I highly recommend Culinary Specialties as you will see the difference in value and products will leave your guests asking for more.

Adrian Hoschet

Executive Chef
Westin Bonaventure

“Great quality products, labor saving items, reliable on time delivery. Regina provides friendly and efficient customer service.

Michelle Fuentes

Production Manager
Wolfgang Puck Catering Hollywood

“This is a fantastic company to work with. Responsive, consistent, and reliable service resulting in quality product with each delivery.

James McIver

Executive Chef
Westin Los Angeles Airport

“Working with Culinary Specialties Sales Representative Meaghan is like working back at home. Coming from Hawaii, it has been amazing and I’m grateful to work with Culinary Specialties because of their quality products and services. Meaghan has such a great personality that makes me feel like family. She always over communicates and follows up on a weekly basis. Anything we need, Meaghan always helps with products and has amazing customer service. We are glad we have such an amazing Sales Representative.

Roderick Dizor
Senior Banquet Chef
Hilton San Diego Bayfront

Savoury’s Good Earth Cuisine has been a customer of Culinary Specialties for many years. They provide us with canapes that have to be delivered on the morning of the parties where they’ll be served. They’ve never missed a delivery in all these years, and their products are always on point. The owner Filip is consistently responsive and as flexible as possible. We are grateful for their support over the years!

Sunny McNair
Savoury’s at the Palm Springs Convention Center

Accurate, efficient, loyal, prompt, professional service! Creative, Cutting Edge Culinary Talents.

Casey Moriarty 

Executive Sous Chef
Hilton Torrey Pines

Daniel is very attentive to our needs. He also realizes when we are too busy to talk and leaves us samples often. He is very beneficial to Culinary Specialties and has a pleasant attitude.

Chef Mike Kennedy
Executive Sous Chef Sheraton Harbor Island

Purchaser Great quality products, labor saving items, reliable on time delivery. Regina provides friendly and efficient customer service.

Alex Pinedo
Wolfgang Puck Catering

I use Culinary Specialties for many reasons. Their management consists of former Chef’s with great palates and thorough understanding of the business. If I get too busy to produce the food myself I can always count on Culinary Specialties to help me through this times of need. They gladly will prepare custom orders to my specifications and are always available for help and support.

Chris Mitchum
Indian Wells, CA

It is with my pleasure to write this letter to testify how great Carman and Culinary Specialties are. The dedication and customer service are the number one reason why I am loyal to Culinary Specialties. The product is top notch, the help provided by the sale representative is always great, professional staff taking the orders and the delivery driver deserve a big kudos.
Thanks to all of you to always take care of my business needs.

Ludovic Giglio
Executive Banquet Sous Chef
Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, Riverside

Culinary Specialties is always very professional, very reliable, outstanding quality, consistency and service. A pleasure to work all the staff which is always very attentive and ready to assist us with any special request, excellent service.

Culinary & Purchasing Stuff
Hyatt Manchester

I have had a partnership with Culinary Specialties since 2008.
I have utilized Culinary Specialties for all of my customized appetizer and specialty plated vegetarian/vegan entrée selections since that time.
Culinary and I have worked as a collaborative unit to execute my vision flawlessly and continue to work together to provide my guests with great offerings every day.
I would recommend Culinary as a specialty vendor to anyone in the industry as their quality is far above what the other appetizer companies sell and their “traditional” offerings are always of a higher caliber than other vendors.

Executive Chef Carissa Giacalone
World Famous San Diego Zoo

Culinary Specialties provides an eclectic array of products from basic to exotic. Their service allows me to provide a quality products to my end customers, by saving me time and energy, while saving on that bottom line. They are an extension to my kitchen and staff, providing quality products with consistency and professionalism. As a chef, I am able to designate my flavor profiles on certain items and then let the team at Culinary Specialties provide me with the finished product. The time that I am able to save is priceless. The piece of mind that is provided allows me to use my creativeness in other areas. My requests have been for large and small events and Culinary has provided an exceptional service that makes my life easier. I am very grateful to have a company that provides this service. For any Event Centers, Country Clubs, Caterers, Restaurants or Convention Centers, this is a service that will save you money, save you labor, while bringing quality, consistency and professionalism……. And Make you Look Good.

Executive Chef Brad Martin
Riverside Convention Center

Culinary Specialties is an exemplary food processing company that has an amazing line of items for large commercial kitchens to small restaurants. The quality of food available from appetizers, entrée items, sauces and too many others to describe here is superior. Culinary Specialties is our second kitchen in that we can order items that Chef Toles Designs or from Culinary Specialties delicious and tasty long list. Culinary Specialties has an amazing team from Sales, Operations, Ordering to Accounting. It is as simple as email orders and everything comes to our door on time every time.

Executive Chef Brad Toles
SAVORY’S Good Earth Catering
Palm Springs Convention Center

Regina helps me with tastings to get me the custom made items I need. She is very knowledgeable about food and is a pleasure to work with. I can always count on my deliveries being on time and with quality products. Thank you!

Executive Sous Chef
Gianbattista Vinzoni
Beverly Hills Hilton

This is a fantastic company to work with. Responsive, consistent, and reliable service resulting in quality products with each and every delivery.

Chef Alfred Beck
W Hollywood Hotel

A shout out to Regina D. she is very helpful to and courteous and helping us achieve all our custom made items, their delivery service is awesome and letting us know when products are on special. Thank you Regina and the Culinary Specialties team.

Executive Chef Jason Pena
Hilton Pasadena

With the many decisions facing today’s Chef, none is more difficult than deciding whether or not to make it in house. Culinary Specialties aids in that decision giving you another set of hands in the form of custom made appetizers and entrees. Whether made-to-spec or off the shelf, their quality products are perfect for labor savings or when you’re in a pinch.

Executive Chef Larry Banares
Viejas Casino

Thank you to the Team for all the services Culinary Specialties provide with quality products and fast service in an unpredictable and changing Culinary Environment. Truly 5 star service in our eyes.

Banquet Chef Dennis Cortez
Fairmont Grand Del Mar

I have worked with Culinary Specialties for a number of years at various properties and they have always delivered. Their quality and attention to detail is spot on and why I continue to use them and bring them in wherever I go. Whatever I need they always do the best to get it to me and are always available if I have any questions.

Executive Chef David Wimberly
Marriott La Jolla


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