Upgrade Your Cafeteria-Style Meals Without Adding Prep Time and Space

From airlines and convention centers to hotels and catering companies, there are plenty of businesses in the hospitality industry that need to be able to serve high-quality food on a limited budget and with minimal staff and prep space. Here are some high-end offerings from Culinary Specialties that meet cafeteria-style needs while also meeting a high standard for flavor.

  • Breakfast Turnovers – Help your patrons get their day started off right with a quick and easy breakfast that can be held in one hand. At the same time, our breakfast turnovers offer a delicious flakey pastry that contains all the flavors we associate with the first meal of the day.
  • Apple Pie Empanada – Desserts are difficult when you are trying to provide something quick and easy without it having a prepackaged feel. This is just one of the many perfect solutions Culinary Specialties has for you. Plus, it tastes like an apple pie you can hold in your hand. Who wouldn’t love that?
  • French Onion Soup Cups – French onion soup is a starter that most Americans associate with fine dining. You can immediately ramp up your service by providing single-serve cups of this delicacy.

Partner with Culinary Specialties and Give Clients More of What They Want

Good food is a huge part of the hospitality industry. It can often make the difference when it comes to those all-important positive reviews. You can start your order today by calling 760.744.8220, or request your quote online and a food specialist will get in touch with you.