Treat Hotel Conference Attendees to Fresh Boxed Lunches 1

Treat Hotel Conference Attendees to Fresh Boxed Lunches

If your hotel holds conferences but doesn’t have a restaurant, you need to think about how you can upgrade your offerings by providing food for conference attendees. Culinary Specialties makes it easy with our boxed lunches that are made fresh daily in our ultra-safe prep facility. Here are some of the many benefits that you get when your hotel works along with us to source your boxed lunches.

  • Simplified food service – The boxed lunches are all packaged with napkins and utensils. It is a complete lunch with no work to do for the guest or for your staff. They just need to be distributed or available to pick up.
  • Fully customizable lunches – You can have the boxed lunches made to order so that conference-goers have the options they would like the most. A basic boxed lunch features a sandwich, a side salad, a piece of fruit, some chips, and a cookie. You can mix and match the options for full customizability.
  • Locally sourced ingredients – Culinary Specialties helps support local growers and produces the best food by sourcing our ingredients locally. We also use sustainable practices at our prep facility so you can put the minds of hotel guests at ease.

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