Tips for Sourcing the Best Catering Menu Items

You want to provide the highest quality foods for your clients, but you also need to keep your profit margins reasonable and ensure that your meals can be prepared in the prep area of any event venue. So here are a few ways that sourcing your menu items from Culinary Specialties can help your catering business save time and money while meeting and exceeding the standards of clients.

  • Individually Quick Frozen Foods – The IQF process locks in freshness, which is perfect because we start with the freshest ingredients from local growers. This means that food will look and taste delicious for your clients. However, it also makes our menu items easy to reheat to perfection and serve in a manner that won’t give away the trade secret that makes preparation a breeze!
  • Special Diets – One of the biggest challenges facing catering companies right now is the wide array of special diets that people are on. That’s why we list the major allergens in each of our dishes. And we’ve carefully curated gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian dishes that event guests with special dietary needs will love.
  • Prioritizing Safety – We follow the best practices from seven different food safety organizations to help keep your clients and their guests safe. We also monitor recalls from the FDA and the CDC. We want you to serve the food sourced from us with confidence!

Wholesale IQF Foods for Caterers

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