Culinary Specialties: Making Global Cuisine Simple

If you want to add global cuisine to your catering, hotel, or country club menu, Culinary Specialties is here to help! We offer menu items from nearly every continent, and today, we would like to address three of the regions that your hospitality guests will love.

  • India – Indian food is known for strong seasonings that delight the tastebuds, and we’ve worked hard to create authentic menu items like chicken samosa, lamb dolma, tandoori chicken, and more! In fact, we have several vegetarian options that can help your hospitality business meet the needs of vegetarian patrons without sacrificing flavor or quality.
  • Mexico – The U.S. Southwest is known for traditional cuisine that combines Mexican and American flavors. But we also offer authentic Mexican dishes that bring the delicious cuisine of our neighbor to the south straight to your clients.
  • Morocco – African cuisine isn’t as well-known in the U.S., but maybe it is time for that to change. We start with the North African flavors of Morocco. For example, our Moroccan Beef Phyllo Cigars help bridge the gap in cuisine familiarity by presenting North African flavors in a manner similar to a spring roll. It allows you to introduce new cultures and flavors to your menu with a familiar delivery system.

Give Your Menu a Global Upgrade

With Culinary Specialties, it is easy to present clients with dishes from around the world. You don’t have to learn new recipes, hire staff with knowledge of another cuisine, or purchase new prep equipment. Just call 760.744.8220 or request your quote online, and let us help your hospitality business upgrade your menu today with our wholesale-priced menu items!