Top Food Trends in Hospitality for 2024

Whether you run a hotel, a country club, a catering service, or any other business in the hospitality sector, you need to know what guests will want to see from your food service. Here are some of the top trends for 2024:

  • Locally sourced foods – Locally sourced foods benefit the community and the environment, but they also taste better. When you advertise locally sourced foods, guests will have an expectation of quality.
  • Plant-based menu items – From eco reasons to health reasons, many people avoid meat products. You need to have some dishes that will allow guests with this preference to have an enjoyable meal alongside their meat-eating companions.
  • Global cuisine – The travel restrictions of the pandemic are over, but that doesn’t mean people only expect global cuisine when they travel. They still want to be able to take a culinary journey when they enjoy a meal domestically.
  • Sustainable practices – A lot of your guests don’t even know what is involved with sustainability in the food service industry, but that won’t stop them from caring. You not only need to use sustainable practices but also explain them in your marketing so guests can eat at your establishment with confidence.

Let Us Help You Meet Culinary Expectations

Culinary Specialties can help your hospitality business to stay on trend when it comes to food service. We source our foods locally, offer global cuisine with plenty of plant-based menu items, and prepare and deliver it all with sustainable practices in place. Call 760.744.8220 to learn more, or you can request a quote online.