No Fuss Crab Cakes for Your Country Club

Do you want to serve succulent crab cakes for your country club guests but don’t want to have to expand your prep area, find a place to acquire fresh crab, and hire someone who knows how to make them? Then Culinary Specialties has the solution for you! We offer nine delicious varieties of crab cakes to our clients.

Here are just a few of the options you can choose from to delight your patrons:

  • Baja Style Crab Cakes – We add some west coast flair to sweet blue crab meat. Hand-cut red onions, pasilla peppers, red and yellow bell peppers, cilantro, and lime zest make these hand-formed crab cakes something to salivate over!
  • Breaded Maryland Crab Cakes – We start with our delicious Maryland crab cakes made from sweet blue crab, zesty Dijon mustard, Old Bay seasoning, and our own spice blend. Then we lightly bread the hand-formed crab cakes with panko breadcrumbs for an even crunchier exterior.
  • Coconut Breaded Crab Cakes – These crab cakes are hand formed with blue crab, bell peppers, fresh basil, cilantro, and our own seasoning blend. Then we use a combination of panko and sweet coconut flakes to create a mouthwatering crust.

Partner with Culinary Specialties to Serve the Best Seafood

Fresh ingredients are the secret to our incredible hand-formed crab cakes. Your customers will never know just how simple it was for you to heat and serve them. Just call 760.744.8220 today to get your order started, or you can request a quote online.