Welcome Travelers Back the Right Way with Delicious Airline Food 1

Welcome Travelers Back the Right Way with Delicious Airline Food

We know it has been a tough couple of years for the airline industry. Could simple but delicious meals that really please your passengers make things a little easier on you? If so, then Culinary Specialties has just what you are looking for. Our individually quick frozen (IQF) foods are perfect for airline meal service. Here are a few reasons to partner with us.

  • Simplify the prep and service process – Individually quick frozen meals heat better than meals that have been batch frozen. You can get each dish to the right temperature, which is really vital for keeping passengers happy.
  • Beautiful and delicious food – The IQF process not only locks in the flavor of the fresh foods that we source locally but also maintains the color. Bright meals appeal to a passenger’s eyes before they even lift the fork (or spork – we won’t judge).
  • Superior safety processes – Culinary Specialties is proud to follow guidelines from many governing bodies in the food prep industry, including the USDA and FDA. We also keep track of FDA and CDC recalls or warnings, so you can be sure your guests feel good on the plane and later in their hotel room.

Get the Meals You Need to Welcome Hungry Travels

Culinary Specialties wants to help your airline provide the best meal service possible. Contact us today at 760.744.8220 to learn more, or you can request a quote by submitting our online contact form. Let’s take your airline’s food game to new heights together!