Up your Hospital Cafeteria Food Game Without Breaking the Budget 1

Up your Hospital Cafeteria Food Game Without Breaking the Budget

Hospitals have had it rough the last year and a half financially, and that can take a toll on your budget. However, you want the patients who are returning for more routine or elective care to have a great experience, and food can make a huge difference when it comes to patient satisfaction.

Culinary Specialties is a wholesale food manufacturer and distributor focused on the hospitality and healthcare sectors. Let’s look at just a few of our new items in 2021 that will upgrade any hospital cafeteria menu instantly without putting a huge amount of pressure on the budget.

  • French Onion Soup Cup – French onion soup is something that people associate with a fine dining appetizer. Our French onion soup cups can be individually heated and served to create a fine dining experience in your cafeteria.
  • Breakfast Turnover – For a quick and delicious breakfast that can be eaten in the cafeteria or carried out, our breakfast turnovers are a meal packed inside a flaky puff pastry.
  • Apple Pie Empanada – Add a quick and easy dessert to the menu. Just like the breakfast turnover, this empanada packs dessert into a convenient and tasty pastry.

Get the Food Your Hospital Needs to Satisfy Staff, Patients, and Visitors

Once you partner with Culinary Specialties, your staff and patients will never think of hospital food the same way again. Contact us today at 760.744.8220, or you can submit our online contact form to request a custom quote.