Top Trends for Country Club Food

As country club members age and are replaced by younger generations, the trends are also shifting. Here are some of the trends you need to keep up with if you are looking to attract younger members to your country club restaurant.

  • Sustainability – Sustainability is more than just a buzzword to the modern generation. They are trying to save the planet for themselves and their children.
  • Global appeal – Even when people aren’t traveling the globe, they still expect a cuisine that feeds their wanderlust.
  • Plant-based options – Whether it is for moral reasons or sustainability purposes, more and more people are looking for plant-based food. If you want groups to dine at your restaurant, everyone in the party has to be able to find something they will enjoy.
  • Local sourcing of food – This is a combination of sustainability and social-economic consciousness. Sourcing local foods supports local growers and is good for the environment. Plus, local food tastes better because it hasn’t spent weeks in a warehouse.

Culinary Specialties Can Help You Stay on Trend

Culinary Specialties offers our clients locally sourced foods that have been prepared in our sustainable manufacturing facility. We provide cuisine from across the globe, and we have options for many different diets. Let us help you keep your country club restaurant on trend without sacrificing a ton of time and money on prep and additional staff.

Give us a call today at 760.744.8220 or request a quote online to take advantage of our wholesale pricing for hospitality businesses like yours.