Top Catering Trends for 2024

To keep your Catering company relevant, you need to know what guests are craving for their events in 2024. Here is a short list of some of the hottest trends.

  • Global Cuisine – Diverse menus and cultural fusions are the must-have options for adventurous event hosts in 2024. Culinary Specialties has you covered with dishes from South and East Asia, the Mediterranean, and Southwestern US flavors that combine Mexican traditions with local ingredients.
  • Sustainability – You’re going to find that more customers will ask what you are doing to provide sustainable catering. Culinary Specialties can help. We use sustainable practices at our prep facility as well as in our shipping. Plus, we source as many of our ingredients as we can from local growers, which adds both to community sustainability and to the freshness that your clients will be able to taste!
  • Dessert Displays – It’s all going to end up on social media, so food has to look as good as it tastes, especially the desserts! While cakes and cupcakes are still popular options, more event planners are looking for large single-serving displays. Our dessert cups are a perfect way to add beauty and simplicity to the display. Eventgoers can just step up and select their favorite flavor combinations, from tiramisu to strawberry cheesecake!

Let Us Help Get Your Catering Menu On-Trend

Culinary Specialties offers both classic cuisine as well as many trending items. To learn more, get in touch by calling 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote online.