The Fast and Simple Way to Serve Breakfast to Hungry Travelers

Whether you offer a sit-down breakfast with an a la carte menu in your hotel restaurant or a free breakfast buffet, Culinary Specialties can help supply you with simple heat and serve products that satisfy hungry travelers and fuel them for a day of adventure, business, sightseeing, or whatever other reasons they may have come to your city.

Here are just a few of the delicious breakfast options we offer:

  • Breakfast Croissant Sandwich – We start with our delicious and buttery croissant. Then, we make a sandwich using eggs, ham, and Swiss cheese. It’s the perfect start to the day!
  • Breakfast Turnover – If you think puff pastry would be the breakfast delivery system of choice for your guests, then this turnover is for you. We stuff it with eggs, wild mushrooms, ham, and Swiss cheese. It’s crunchy, flaky, savory, and all the things you want from a breakfast pocket.
  • Breakfast Quiche – Our quiches are entirely customizable, so you can serve the flavors your hotel guests crave. From artichokes and sundried tomatoes to wild mushrooms and broccoli, we have a wide array of flavor combinations.
  • Breakfast Burritos – Another customizable favorite, you can select the meat, cheese, veggies, and more that go into these delicious burritos.

Your Partner for Simple and Delicious Food

Culinary Specialties helps hospitality businesses across the country enhance their menu without expanding their prep area or staff. To get in touch today, call 760.744.8220, or you can request your quote online. We look forward to helping you feed the hungry guests at your hotel.