The Biggest Mistakes Airlines Make With Their Food 1

The Biggest Mistakes Airlines Make with Their Food

Airplane food has a reputation, but your airline can change the minds of your passengers by avoiding a few simple mistakes when planning your menu. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that airlines make with their meals.

  • Mistake 1: Serving deep-fried foods – You are never going to get that same crispy crust miles in the air as you can on the ground. It is best just to avoid fried foods that end up rubbery when reheated at cruising altitude.
  • Mistake 2: Serving meals that contain onions – Not only can this cause issues between passengers due to breath smell, but onions are one of the most common foods that lead to illness. There is nothing inherently wrong with onions. In fact, they are pretty good for you. However, they are often the first food to spoil.
  • Mistake 3: Not accommodating passengers with special diets – More and more travelers need a special diet for health reasons, or they may simply request a certain meal for lifestyle reasons. You need to take extra precautions if a passenger has a life-threatening allergy, like a peanut allergy. However, requests for gluten free meals should also be taken seriously because the passenger may have a serious condition such as Celiac disease.

Providing Passengers with Simple and Delicious Meals

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