Statistics Regarding Veganism in the United States 1

Statistics Regarding Veganism in the United States

According to Vegan News, America has trended toward plant-based diets for the past 15 years. The current number of vegans in the US is estimated at 9.6 million. That represents almost three percent of people in the nation and is a 300% increase in the number of people sticking to this type of diet. What other statistics show the need for the hospitality industry to cater to the dietary restrictions of vegans? Here are some things you should know.

  • Oregon, California, Vermont, and Washington are the states with the most consistent vegan eaters.
  • Mississippi, Alabama, and the Dakotas are the states that are considered home to the fewest vegans.
  • Vegans seem to be heavily populated among blue states and less common in red states.
  • Nevada has the biggest increase in veganism, while New Hampshire has lost a high percentage of its vegans.

Knowing where your state stands can help you to ensure you have the right options on the menu for your guests. But don’t forget that vegans travel too. You want hotel guests to have food options even if they come from a highly vegan state to one with a smaller vegan base.

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