Some of Our Best Heat & Serve Options for Caterers

When it comes to our catering clients, we realize that you may not always have access to a fryer at a venue and that fried foods aren’t always the best choice when the food may need to sit for a little while before serving. Thus, we also offer many heat and serve foods that are perfect after a short time in the oven. Here are a few favorite appetizers we think you will love serving to clients and their guests.

  • Mini Pizzas – From Italian Sausage to Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomatoes, we have a wide variety of mini pizzas to make event attendees happy. It’s perfect comfort food!
  • Assorted Quiches – We offer four types of quiches in appetizer sizes. You can choose cheese, Florentine, Lorraine, mushroom, or go for our assorted quiches and get all four!
  • Slider Patties – From Kobe beef and lamb to mushrooms and black beans, we provide sliders that meet all sorts of dietary preferences!
  • Meatballs – We produce delicious meatballs from beef, chicken, duck, and lamb. Plus, we make a mushroom variety to meet the need for vegetarian appetizers!

And this is just a small sampling of our offerings. We can provide vegan and gluten free starters and help any catering company to enhance their menu without making extra work for yourself.

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