Simple & Customizable Roulades for Catering Companies

Roulades are a stunning and delicious way to serve an entree to event guests, but it’s probably not a practical way to go about serving meat from an event venue’s prep area – until now! Culinary Specialties is here to offer easy to heat and serve roulades that are customizable to meet your client’s needs.

We use the IQF (individual quick freezing) method to lock in the flavor and appearance of our menu items while still making them simple for your staff to heat and serve to perfection. You keep clients happy while we take the stress out of the prep!

Here are a couple of things you can customize on our roulades:

  • Protein – We have four meat options for our roulades, and we’re certain any of them will be a hit with clients. There are two different chicken options to balance flavor versus fat content (breast or thigh meat). We also offer turkey and pork. All four are packed with flavor. It’s just a matter of your client’s preferences.
  • Stuffing – We offer a wide array of stuffing options. Just a few samples include sausage and fennel, brie and apple, wild mushrooms, and Mediterranean flavors.

Partner with Culinary Specialties Today

If you are ready to expand your catering menu without ramping up your prep time and staff, then Culinary Specialties is the partner for you. Learn more about our wholesale offerings by calling us at 760.744.8220, or you can request your quote online to get the process started.