Shortcuts for a Delicious and Easy Hotel Breakfast Menu

In the business world, taking shortcuts usually leads to trouble, but Culinary Specialties provides food service options that are delicious, safe, and easy to prepare for your guests. Consider just a few of our breakfast options that could enhance your hotel’s breakfast menu without the need to augment your prep space or time.

  • Breakfast Quiches – We create flaky pastry for this fluffy egg entrée or appetizer. You can customize the meat, cheese, or veggies that get baked in to cater to the needs of hungry travelers with various appetites.
  • Breakfast Burritos – They’re perfectly portable for hungry hotel guests on the go, but they are also delicious when eaten with a fork and knife in the dining room. Our breakfast burritos are also customizable, so you can choose the meat, cheese, and vegetable options that will appeal most to the travelers staying at your hotel.
  • Specialty Breakfast Menu Items – Of course, we provide more than just burritos and quiches for breakfast. We can also help provide breakfast croissant sandwiches, crepes, turnovers, empanadas, and more! The fact of the matter is that your guests want options when it comes to breakfast, and we can help you to deliver them in the simplest way.

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