Serving Up Delicious Puff Pastry Appetizers for Your Hotel Guests

Culinary Specialties is here to help your hotel serve the best food without lengthy prep times. Puff pastry is a delightful accompaniment to many appetizers, but your kitchen staff may not have the expertise or prep space to do it right, or they may simply lack the time. Regardless of the reasons, we can provide what you need.

Here are just a few of our many puff pastry appetizer options:

  • Smoked Chicken and Leek Turnovers – They don’t just sound elegant on the menu, they are a delightful combination of smoked chicken, creamy leeks, and the perfect seasoning blend in a puff pastry package. Any hotel guest would consider this a real treat!
  • Reuben en Croute – The Reuben is a classic sandwich featured on menus across America. Now you can deliver all the same flavors en Croute (in a pastry crust). It’s corned beef, Swiss cheese, thousand island dressing, and sauerkraut in a flaky pastry blanket.
  • Chicken and Mushroom Duxelle in Puff Pastry – Just having the word duxelle on your menu adds a feeling of French classical cuisine, even though it just means there’s mushroom stuffing. When it is combined with chicken in a buttery puff pastry, there is no way to resist this delicious treat.

Partner with Culinary Specialties for Puff Pastry and More!

Whether you want to add a few specialty items to your offerings or revamp the entire menu, we can help your hotel to serve delicious food in a simple manner. Call 760.744.8220 today, or you can request a quote online.