Quick and Easy Breakfast Options for Hotel Guests

Now that hotels are starting to fill up again, you want to be sure that you have a satisfying breakfast, regardless of whether they intend to sit and eat it or grab it on the go for a day of tourism. Culinary Specialties can help you to ensure that guests are happy with their breakfast options, even if they have a busy itinerary that doesn’t involve sitting down with a fork and knife at breakfast. Here are just a few of our many offerings:

  • Breakfast Turnover – We take a flaky puff pastry and wrap it around eggs, mushrooms, ham, and Swiss cheese. It has all the delightful flavors of a breakfast sandwich, but it’s perfect for eating with one hand and no tableware. Customize the size of the turnover to meet the needs of your guests!
  • Breakfast Machaca Empanada – You can customize the size to give your guests bite-sized pockets of shredded beef, eggs, and pico de gallo or a full meal in one empanada.
  • Breakfast Banana Foster Empanada – It’s the sweet way to start the day. Our banana foster empanada includes all of the traditional flavors – bananas, brown sugar, and rum! You can customize the sides to give your guests a bite for dessert or an entire breakfast.

Partner with Us to Serve Delicious Food the Simple Way

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