Quality Versus Price: The Benefits of Individually Quick-Frozen Foods

Hospitality businesses across the nation rely on Culinary Specialties to provide wholesale prices without compromising on quality. We also make the meal easy to heat to perfection and serve without the need for additional prep equipment or specialized staff. The secret is the individually quick frozen (IQF) method that we use.

Here are some of the benefits your business can derive from our IQF foods:

  • Safe – We use the guidelines of nine governing organizations in the food service industry to ensure the meals we prepare for your clients are safe to enjoy.
  • Simple – Individually freezing menu items allow your staff to reheat them perfectly each time – no lava exteriors or cold centers. We know that everything leaving your kitchen has to meet client standards, so we make it as easy as possible.
  • Delicious – The IQF process locks in flavors and colors, so the meals you serve look and taste as fresh as the day we put them on ice. After all, we source our foods locally, and it would be a shame for all that freshness to go to waste. The vibrant colors let your clients eat with their eyes, and the tasty flavors deliver on the promise of the appearance.

Your Partner for the Best IQF Foods

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