Outdoor Seating May Save Your Country Club During the Pandemic

Outdoor Seating May Save Your Country Club During the Pandemic

Despite the growing number of cases in the US, every state is still in some stage of being open. That means outdoor seating is possible in most places. What do experts say about outdoor seating? How can you provide the best experience for your members despite some of the inconveniences of going out to eat during a pandemic? Here are some tips.

Is Outdoor Seating Safer than Indoor Seating?

Most experts agree that the answer is yes. The reason is that there is less of a risk of airborne transmission. According to the CDC, the lowest risk format would be to limit service to curbside pickup, take-out, delivery, or whatever your members will want to call it. However, if you want to have outdoor seating, here are some guidelines to keep the risk to a minimum.

  • Space tables six feet apart or more
  • Limit the number of seats at each table
  • Require diners to wear masks when they are not seated, especially if they need to enter the building to use the bathroom
  • Provide hand sanitizer stations so people can clean their hands before eating (encourage hand washing)
  • Don’t allow sick members or their guests to remain onsite

Feeding Your Members and Guests During Coronavirus

Whether you want to-go boxes for curbside pickup or entire entrees that offer a simple heat and serve format, Culinary Specialties is here to help your country club provide food for your members and their guests. Just call 760.744.8220 today to learn more, or you can request a quote online.