Our Three Favorite Southwestern Foods 1

Our Three Favorite Southwestern Foods

Southwestern food is the United States’ take on Mexican food, a fusion born from the large population of immigrants from Mexico living in that part of the nation. It has created one of the tastiest cuisines in the country. Here are our three favorite southwestern foods.

  • Burrito – A burrito is basically a tortilla wrapped around beans and cheese. Depending on personal taste, you may also enjoy a type of meat or some veggies in your burrito. You can learn more about our burritos in this blog post.
  • Quesadilla – A quesadilla is basically a grilled cheese except on a tortilla. You can use corn or flour tortillas. The cheese is what makes it a quesadilla. Unlike a burrito, which is wrapped, a quesadilla is generally folded in half and cooked on both sides. You can also add meat, beans, or veggies to personal taste.
  • Empanada – An empanada is a fried pocket of pastry that contains savory fillings such as meat, cheese, beans, or veggies. They are usually crimped on one side to create an aesthetic appearance.

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