New Gluten Free Appetizer Options for Caterers

New Gluten Free Appetizer Options for Caterers

About one percent of American’s have been diagnosed with celiac disease, and there may be as many undiagnosed cases. That means there are millions of people across America who have to eat a gluten free diet, and we haven’t even started talking about people with a sensitivity yet. Add to that a Forbes chart that suggests nearly three-quarters of people on a gluten free diet are doing so by choice, and you have the recipe for needing gluten free options at your catering business.

If you are worried about cross-contamination at your prep facility, then the obvious choice is to order prepared foods that can easily be heated and served at any venue. Here are some of the newest offerings from Culinary Specialties.

  • Quinoa falafel – Not only is quinoa falafel a delicious and gluten free appetizer, but it is also vegan for event attendees with even further dietary restrictions.
  • Paella croquettes – If you’ve ever had arancini, this is the Spanish version of that Sicilian treat. We hand bread these croquettes with gluten free breadcrumbs.
  • Quesadillas – It starts with a gluten free tortilla and keeps going in an unexpected direction from there. Chicken, jalapenos, and cilantro pair traditional Mexican flavors with feta cheese for a Greek twist on this classic.

The Best Heat and Serve Options for Caterers

The next time your catering company wants to expand their menu, whether you are looking for a gluten free option or not, contact Culinary Specialties. Just call 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote online.