Keeping Up With Demand for Safe Food at Hospitals

Keeping Up With Demand for Safe Food at Hospitals

Right now, your hospital may be preparing for an influx in patients. You need to be focused on keeping people healthy, including your staff. An increased number of patients and staff can place a strain on the infrastructure of your facility. For example, it may be difficult for the cafeteria to keep up with demand.

Culinary Specialties has already been helping prepare easy to heat and serve meals for hospitals. We offer delicious food at an affordable price that requires minimal prep time. However, a safe prep area is vital in order to ensure patient safety. Here are a few things you should know about how we prepare food at Culinary Specialties.

  • We regularly monitor FDA and CDC warnings and recalls
  • We meet or exceed protocols set forth by the USDA, FDA, HACCP, SSOP, GMP, and SOP
  • We have regular third-party food safety audits
  • We perform micro testing on finished products

All of this helps to ensure that the food that is prepared fresh in our clean facility is safe when we quick freeze it for transport. We also maintain the highest standards of packing and shipping to ensure food is still safe when it arrives at your facility.

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