How Culinary Specialties Keeps Food Affordable and Delicious

At Culinary Specialties, we are committed to providing the highest quality of food to our clients at wholesale prices. How do we meet the demands of affordability and quality simultaneously? Here are a few of our not-so-secret keys to success:

  • IQF – The individually quick freezing process locks in the flavor and appearance of prepared foods while also making it easier for your staff to heat the meals back to the proper temperature for service on a consistent basis.
  • Locally sourced foods – Whenever possible, we source our foods from local growers. Not only does this lead to a more sustainable local economy, but it also results in better-tasting food (as opposed to mass-produced food that spends weeks being shipped from place to place before reaching the prep area).
  • Team member creations – Our talented team helps us prepare foods from around the world that taste authentic because they are authentic. Hiring the right people helps us to deliver on flavor while also keeping prices affordable because we don’t need to do as much research and development to find the perfect recipes.

Partner with Our Team of Culinary Experts Today!

At Culinary Specialties, we are proud to be providing food service items to hospitality businesses across the nation. If you want to try our wholesale menu items out for yourself, give us a call today at 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote online. We look forward to helping you provide quality food items for your guests without breaking your budget!