Feed Your Convention Center Guests in Style

Feed Your Convention Center Guests in Style

Does your convention center offer food options for gatherings of all sizes, or do you leave it up to renters to find their own caterers? You may be missing out on a huge opportunity to be able to offer additional conveniences so that you can charge a premium for the use of your convention center facilities.

Culinary Specialties has been producing high-quality foods for over 20 years. We’ve graduated from a small business selling non-perishable foods to being one of the nation’s premier gourmet food distributors. We partner with companies like Disney and JW Marriott, so you know we go the extra mile to make sure our clients can offer fresh and delicious meals to their guests. What can we do for your convention center?

Gourmet Meals at Wholesale Prices

You get to offer your convention site customers delicious gourmet meals for gatherings both large and small. Your wholesale rate ensures a good return on your investment, and our rigorous safety procedures both during food prep and the delivery process can allow you to offer these tasty meal options with confidence. You can customize many of our appetizers, entrees, and pastas so as to offer your clients exactly what they want. Fast delivery ensures that the meals are at the convention site, ready to be heated and served.

If this sounds like just the competitive advantage that your convention center needs, call Culinary Specialties today at 760-744-8220, or you can request a quote online. We look forward to starting a mutually beneficial business relationship with your convention facility.