Classic Quesadilla Flavors for Your Catering Menu

The taste of the U.S. Southwest is the perfect blend between Mexican and U.S. cuisine. While the quesadilla is nothing new – the U.S. has certainly adapted it to make it modern comfort food. From Mexican restaurants to chain restaurants, people order quesadillas every day all across the nation.

Would you like a simple and delicious way to add quesadillas to your catering menu? Culinary Specialties offers a global cuisine for our clients using fresh local ingredients. Then we individually quick freeze our foods so clients can easily heat and serve meals in almost any prep area.

Here are a few of the quesadilla varieties we offer:

  • Cheese and peppers – This quesadilla is the basis for all of our flavors, and it’s perfect if you are serving clients who want a vegetarian option. We use cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, along with bell peppers and jalapenos. We also utilize cilantro and other classic Mexican spices.
  • Shrimp – This is perfect for seafood lovers or a slightly more upscale event. Shrimp adds a succulent sweetness to the cheese and peppers quesadilla.
  • Chicken – We actually have two varieties of chicken quesadillas. The first is the more traditional of the two and is basically our cheese and peppers quesadilla with tender chicken meat added. The other quesadilla adds tequila and lime flavors for an even bigger flavor punch.

Get the Heat and Serve Foods Your Business Needs

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