Bacon and Seafood – The Perfect Combo for Your Catering Service

Bacon and seafood might be two items that your staff finds it tough to prepare onsite when you can never be 100% certain of what the prep area will look like at a given venue. Culinary Specialties is here to simplify the process and put this delicious surf and tuff combination back on the menu for your clients.

Here is a small sampling of the products we offer, combining sweet and tender seafood with savory and crispy bacon.

  • Bacon Wrapped Shrimp – The combination of sweet and salty is one that patrons can’t resist. Our bacon-wrapped shrimp makes a delightful appetizer that can be served to party guests during a cocktail hour or at the start of a meal.
  • Bacon Wrapped Scallops – For the next level of class, we wrap the smokey bacon around perfectly plump scallops. They can easily be browned on each side in a frying pan, but you can also have them ready for guests in just one minute by popping them in a fryer.
  • Citrus Marinated Bacon Wrapped Scallops – Sweet and salty are an incredible combo, but adding sour takes it to the next level on a guest’s palette. That’s why we marinated the scallops in citrus on this version.

Give Event Attendees the Flavors They Crave

Culinary Specialties is here to make your event prep faster and easier than ever before. Check out our complete list of products, and then give us a call at 760.744.8220 to get your order started. You can also request a quote online.