Add Asian Appetizers to Your Hotel Menu the Simple Way

It can be difficult to meet the demands of the modern traveler for culturally diverse dishes without increasing your staff or enhancing your prep area. But if you want to offer various Asian Fusion menu items the simple way, then partner with Culinary Specialties. We can provide you with the heat and serve options you need that taste fresh and delicious.

Here is a small selection of the many options we prepare by hand in our ultra-safe prep facility and deliver to hotels across the nation.

  • Pot Stickers – Pot stickers are a pan-fried treat that offers a delightfully chewy dough. You can customize the contents with protein options ranging from chicken to lobster. We also can make vegetarian pot stickers for your guests who prefer a plant-based diet.
  • Rangoon – This fried treat finds its origins in south Asia. The traditional filling is cream cheese, and we make them in the classic manner with crab and cream cheese. But we also offer modern twists on this crave-able appetizer that include flavors like buffalo chicken, celery, and blue cheese.
  • Wontons – Our fried wantons provide a satisfying crunch with all the same customizability of our pot stickers.

We Can Help You Treat Travelers Right!

At Culinary Specialties, our goal is to assist hospitality businesses like yours provide the best food with the least work. We also help your hotel to maintain a healthy profit margin with our wholesale pricing. To learn more, call 760.744.8220 today, or you can request a quote online.