A Look at Hotel Food Trends for 2022 1

A Look at Hotel Food Trends for 2022

As travelers start to return to hotel use, one thing that you need to think about is feeding your guests. The average consumer expects more from hotels when it comes to flexibility and practices. Here are a few things to anticipate so that you can keep guests happy and create loyal customers.

  • Vegan options – More and more people, especially in the age group that is traveling the most, want plant-based meals. That means either creating more vegan meals in-house or finding ways to source delicious plant-based options. Don’t forget to include vegetarian options for those who are not completely off animal products and gluten-free options for people who can’t consume wheat and other gluten-containing grains.
  • Sustainability – This trend isn’t going anywhere. Climate change has led to an entire generation that expects businesses to be thinking about the future of the planet. It is important to use ingredients that are sourced locally when you can. When buying wholesale foods, look for a manufacturer that uses local produce and sustainable practices.
  • Modern – Modern consumers want experiences, and that means a diverse menu. Try to offer a culinary experience that spans the globe, or at least select a few places travelers will consider exotic and make those dishes very well.

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