44 Gluten Free Appetizer Options and Growing 1

44 Gluten Free Appetizer Options and Growing

A gluten-free diet is more than just a lifestyle craze. About 1% of people are estimated to have Celiac disease, an autoimmune condition that requires the person to strictly avoid anything containing gluten. When you add in those with varying degrees of gluten sensitivity and those trying exclusion diets, it just makes sense to have gluten-free options for guests at your hotel, country club, or convention center.

Here is a small sampling of the gluten-free options available from Culinary Specialties.

  • Bacon-wrapped delights – One of the downsides to a gluten-free diet is difficulty finding good comfort foods. So we thought we would wrap a variety of appetizers in bacon, one of the ultimate comfort foods. From stuffed dates to shrimp to scallops to stuffed jalapenos, we’ve got some craveable solutions for your menu.
  • Sate – Meat on a stick is automatically gluten-free. It’s all about the sauce you dress it with. We have quite a few varieties of meat with unique flavor combinations. For example, you can try the pork belly sate, chicken thigh meat sate, shrimp sate, or tandoori chicken sate.
  • Mexican cuisine – It’s easy to focus on corn as the primary grain rather than wheat or other gluten grains when it comes to Mexican food. Some examples would include our gluten-free quesadillas, pork carnitas, or a variety of corn masa delights.

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