3 Items to Immediately Boost to Your Room Service Menu 1

3 Items to Immediately Boost to Your Room Service Menu

Not all hotels offer a restaurant, but even if yours does, the pandemic has encouraged some travelers to avoid rooms filled with people who have to have their masks off to eat. Therefore, you may have noticed an uptick in guests who want to eat alone in their room. Culinary Specialties is here to provide you with delicious heat and serve menu items that can give your room service menu a quick boost. Here are just three of our many delectable entrée selections.

  • Wellington – You’ll notice we didn’t say beef wellington. While we do offer the traditional form of this delicacy, we also make a vegetarian option and versions with other proteins like salmon, chicken, or lamb. Being able to customize the puff pastry filling allows you to meet the needs of your guests.
  • Cornish hen – A Cornish hen is the perfect meal-sized bird, especially once we pair it with one of our many stuffing flavors. You can choose a fully or partially deboned bird and stuffings such as mushrooms and wild rice, almonds and apples, or cranberries and brie.
  • Stuffed chicken breast – Chicken is an American staple when it comes to proteins, and we do it right with our customizable stuffing and flavor combinations.

Satisfy Hotel Guests with 5-Star Room Service

Culinary Specialties can help your hotel to improve menu options without adding lots of work and prep time for the kitchen team. Give us a call today at 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote for your custom order online.