2023’s Top Food and Beverage Trends for Hotels

Today, we’re going to share a few of the top food and beverage trends for hotels so far in 2023 and let you know how Culinary Specialties can help you meet the current food trends. Let’s get right to the list:

  • Taverns and Pubs – Rather than eating full meals at a hotel, many travelers are looking for a spot to get a drink and some small bites to cap off the day. Be sure to develop some signature cocktails, create a calming atmosphere where travelers can wind down, and provide some affordable appetizers.
  • Classic Foods – The classics never go out of style, but right now, they are particularly trendy. From wellingtons to roulades, be sure to put your modern spin on the classics (or let us help).
  • Inclusive Menus – There are more diets that people need for health and other reasons than ever before. Guests expect you to create an inclusive menu so that every member of their party is satisfied. We can help by providing food for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and other diets.
  • Bonus: IG-Worthy Food and Drink – Everything ends up on social media nowadays, and if you can produce food and drink that looks as good as it tastes, your guests will be happy to take photos and post them. Think of making food attractive as a way of investing in your marketing.

Stay on Trend with Culinary Specialties

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