Boxed Lunches for Corporate Events

More and more corporate events are making their way back into hotel conference centers. While your hotel may have a restaurant, the company may not want to spend the money on a catered meal. Boxed lunches may be the simple solution to offer a more affordable option. Here are a few reasons to use our boxed lunch options.

  • Fully customizable selections – Our boxed lunches are made to order, so we can give you the ability to provide flexible meal options. Each boxed lunch will include a sandwich, a piece of fruit, some chips, a side salad, and a cookie for dessert. You can select the options that meet the needs of your conference attendees.
  • Simplified lunch service – Each boxed lunch is prepacked and will contain a utensil set and napkins. All you have to do is distribute the meals or designate a location for them to be picked up. The rest of the work is already done for you.
  • Fresh and tasty ingredients – At Culinary Specialties, we strive to support local growers. Not only is this good for the community and the environment, but it also results in fresh ingredients that taste better. Additionally, we use sustainable practices at both our prep facility and during delivery, so your guests can have peace of mind.

Place Your Custom Order Today

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