Wow Hotels Guests with These New Menu Additions

Wow Hotel Guests with These New Menu Additions

Whether you want to add some diversity to your hotel restaurant menu or would like to offer some more items for room service, Culinary Specialties has what you need. Here are a few of the new items that we added in 2019 to help hotels like yours to improve their food offerings.

For breakfast – We now offer customizable breakfast turnovers. You can select the size to determine it is a side dish or a full meal. They contain eggs, mushrooms, swiss cheese, and ham in puff pastry to satisfy your guests in the morning.

  • For dinner – We offer well-seasoned andouille sausages. They are raw, so you can have your chef cook them to order or use them in a Cajun jambalaya.
  • For vegan or gluten-free guests – We make a falafel that combines the traditional chickpeas with quinoa for a modern twist. They are already seasoned and contain rice flour to ensure they fry up nicely.

These are just a few of the additions that we made to our food offerings this calendar year. From heat and serve options to fresh choices for your in-house staff to cook, we prepare delicious and safe foods for hotels across the county.

Improve Your Hotel Menu Offerings Today

To learn more about what Culinary Specialties can do to improve the menu listings at your hotel, give us a call today at 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote for a custom order right here on our website.