Why Try a Calzone When Pizza Exists 1

Why Try a Calzone When Pizza Exists?

Even if you are a big fan of pizza, you may never have tried a calzone before. Where did they come from, what is the point of this alternate way to eat the same ingredients in a pizza, and where can you get delicious calzones at home without spending all day in the kitchen?

The calzone comes from Naples, Italy – the same city that is famous for inventing pizza. It is just like a pizza, except the dough is folded over to make it a pocket instead of being an open-face way to eat the cheese and other toppings. Why come up with another way to eat the same ingredients?

When you translate the word calzone into English in a literal way, the idea becomes clear. Calzone means “trouser legs” (in dialect). So the idea is that it is easier to walk around while eating it. The calzone is a street food version of the pizza, made to enjoy when you don’t have time to sit down and eat.

Where can you find delicious calzones that can easily be reheated and served in your own home?

Culinary Specialties: Calzones from our Prep Area to Your Oven

Culinary Specialties is pleased to offer two different varieties of calzone in our online shop.

  • Margarita Calzones – A traditional combination of mozzarella, tomatoes, and Italian seasonings.
  • Italian Sausage Calzones – Made with the same ingredients as the margarita calzone, this version adds spicy Italian sausage.

These mini calzones are perfect as a snack or appetizer. Plus, as originally intended, they are a great walkaround food, so you can even enjoy one while going on your daily walk.