What Southwestern Meals Are Your Members’ Favorites?

Culinary Specialties has built up a record of excellence for providing country clubs with outstanding appetizers and entrees filled with the flavors of the U.S. southwest. What types of delicious and customizable offerings can we provide from our locally sourced ingredients? Here are some of our foods that your members are sure to love.

  • Taquitos – We make our taquitos from either flour or corn tortillas (the flour ones are called flautas). These make delicious snacks and could be served as appetizers or as an easy food to take on the go.
  • Quesadillas – We use delicious cheeses and soft flour tortillas to create the best quesadillas. For a top-notch hit of flavor, try our tequila lime grilled chicken It’s a perfect starter for a meal.
  • Burritos – Our burritos can be a full meal on their own. From vegetarian options to seafood options (yep, we put lobster meat in there), our burritos are made for every type of client.
  • Empanadas – These are a perfect pocket of fried dough, stuffed with incredible southwestern fillings. We offer bean, chicken, and beef options to satisfy the tastebuds of traditionalists. But you can also order these packed with pork, shrimp, or even lobster. We’re not afraid to think outside the box to make delicious food.

Give Your Country Club Members More Options

Culinary Specialties is here to help your country club menu thrive without having to expand your staff or prep area. Call 760.744.8220 to get started, or you can peruse more of our products online and then submit our contact form to request a quote.