What Sets Our Heat & Serve Food Apart from Microwave Dinners 1

What Sets Our Heat & Serve Food Apart from Microwave Dinners

Heat and serve used to be a fancy way to refer to frozen meals that were microwaved in a little cafeteria tray that you had to peel the plastic cover away from. But Culinary Specialties is producing high-quality food in an easy to prepare manner. You’re not going to find a one-inch by one-inch brownie that tastes like rubber in any of our gourmet foods. Here are some of the things that set us apart.

  • Fresh ingredients – We source our ingredients from local farms. It is sustainable, and it means that you get higher quality produce. The result is flavorful foods that taste like you spent a long time preparing them yourself.
  • Individually quick frozen (IQF) – The IQF process locks in freshness. It makes foods easier to reheat without having parts that are still frozen or so boiling hot you can’t eat them. Plus, the IQF process locks in both the flavor and the vibrant colors of foods. So you get a meal that both looks and tastes delicious.
  • Handmade in a safe environment – We follow USDA and FDA regulations at our prep facility, as well as guidelines from a number of other US foodservice governing organizations. Foods are prepared by hand rather than by a machine, so you get a meal that both looks and taste like it was prepared with love.

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