What Is a Flatbread (And Why They Make a Great Date-Night Meal) 1

What Is a Flatbread? (And Why They Make a Great Date-Night Meal)

Flatbreads are an unleavened style of bread, meaning that the recipe doesn’t include yeast. In some cultures, this style of bread is used to pick up stews or sop up sauces. However, in modern times, flatbread has evolved to be more like an open-faced sandwich. In fact, some flatbreads end up being more like a pizza.

At Culinary Specialties, we produce a flatbread trio with premium ingredients that are perfect for a special night in. If you are planning a date-night at home with your significant other, why may our flatbread trio be the perfect option for you? Each is a foot long and perfect to share, so you get a quick and easy date-night three times over!

Here are the three flatbread flavors included in our trio:

  • Classic Margarita – A rustic dough covered with traditional pizza toppings of mozzarella, marinara, and fresh basil. What’s not to love?
  • Meat Lovers – It’s the same ingredients as the classic margarita with a bunch of meat on top. We include sausage and prosciutto for a genuine Italian experience.
  • BBQ Chicken – When you want something a little less Mediterranean on your flatbread, you can enjoy the southwest flavors of BBQ chicken, cilantro, red onion, pineapple, and cheese.

A Romantic Evening Without the Cook Time and Clean Up

Enjoy more time together and less time in the kitchen. These flatbreads are ready about 12-14 minutes after your oven preheats. Minimal prep and cleanup ensure that you get to enjoy your date-night to the full without compromising on quality. Check out our online shop for more great options today!