Top-Notch Gluten Free Fare for Your Hospitality Business

Whether you run a catering company, a country club, or a hotel restaurant, you likely run into many patrons who require a gluten free diet (and others who simply eat that way as a lifestyle choice). How can you meet the needs and wants of guests? Here are a few of the many gluten free options we offer at wholesale prices to our partners.

  • Quinoa falafel – Mediterranean food is always in style, and our falafel, made from a combination of quinoa and chickpeas, checks all the boxes for your gluten free customers. We use rice flour to bind the blend. And these are also perfect for your vegan clients.
  • Eggplant Rollatini – Moving a little further up the Mediterranean, we’ve created this pasta-free and dairy-free take on Italian cuisine. We marinate and roast the eggplant slices, and then we stuff them with even more veggies and seasonings.
  • Gluten free quesadillas – We’ve created the ultimate gluten free tortilla as the basis for these quesadillas. Then we add chicken and all of the veggies you expect in a Tex-Mex meal. Our spin is to add a little feta cheese, so we’ve tied in our Mediterranean theme in all three entrees.

The Right Food to Meet the Needs of Your Clients

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