Three Core Values of Culinary Specialties 1

Three Core Principles of Culinary Specialties

Why should you trust Culinary Specialties to provide meals for your hotel guests, hospital patients, country club members, airline passengers, or in any other industry that requires food service? Our core business principles ensure that you get to put your best foot forward when it comes to foodservice. Here are the three things that make us tick:

  1. Premium Quality – Our meals are assembled by hand by highly-qualified professionals in a safe environment. We follow protocols from the FDA, USDA, and other governing organizations to ensure safety. Then we use the IQF process to make sure the food arrives to you fresh and ready to prepare.
  2. Exceptional Service – We started as a small business working out of a guest room. We may be a national company now, but we haven’t forgotten our roots. Exceptional customer service is how we got where we are, and it is something we still offer today.
  3. Wholesale Prices – Don’t let the quality of our products fool you into thinking we’re going to gouge you on the price. We are a wholesale manufacturer and distributor. So you can get the food items you need at a price your organization can afford.

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Culinary Specialties is proud to be an innovator in sustainability in the wholesale food manufacturing and distribution industries. Contact us today ta 760.744.8220 to place your order, or you can request a quote online. You can also see our extensive product list online, and in the near future, we look forward to offering an online retail shop for new customers.