The Simple Way to Offer Beautiful and Delicious Desserts 1

The Simple Way to Offer Beautiful and Delicious Desserts

A trendy way to do dessert is to present something classic in a reimagined format. What if you could offer five classic desserts, each structured as a trifle? Well now you can, thanks to the stunning dessert offerings at Culinary Specialties! Here are the great options you can present to your guests if you partner up with us for your foodservice needs.

  • Tiramisu – This classic Italian dessert is usually served in layers, but now you can get it in a visually pleasing, single-serving cup. It’s cream meets vanilla cake meets coffee, in one delightful package!
  • Strawberry cheesecake – It’s New York cheesecake, reimagined as a single-serving dessert cup. All the cheesecake flavors, including graham cracker and strawberry, in a visually appealing, individually sealed portion.
  • Apple pie – It’s a simple dessert: apple pie filling and ginger cake crumbs. But nothing says dessert in America more than the classic apple pie.
  • Lemon cream – Delicious lemon curd and whipped cream are layered with a moist vanilla cake to create a sumptuous dessert that will please any guest at the end of a meal.
  • Raspberry double chocolate – Raspberries pair perfectly with chocolate, and this dessert hits all the right notes. The double chocolate name comes from a pairing of chocolate fudge and chocolate cake crumbs. It’s irresistible!

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