The Most Popular Alcoholic Beverages to Enjoy with Burritos1

The Most Popular Alcoholic Beverages to Enjoy with Burritos

About two-thirds of burritos are eaten in homes across America rather than at restaurants. Culinary Specialties is helping give the people what they want by offering delicious burritos that are easy to heat and serve in the comfort of your own home.

Tastewise recently released the results of a study that provides all sorts of fascinating statistics regarding burritos. However, today, we want to focus on just one category they covered – the top alcoholic beverage pairings for people who eat burritos. Here are the drinks that topped the charts.

  • Beer – There is no shortage of the great beers imported from Mexico, and perhaps that is why the number one pairing for burritos is a nice cold brew. 43% of responders said they enjoy a beer when having alcohol with a burrito.
  • Margarita – A margarita is a cocktail that pairs tequila with orange liquor, lime juice, and salt if you are a purist. Of course, there are tons of variations on the margarita, many of them increasingly sweet and may even have a sugared rim instead of salt. Try a jalapeno margarita for a spicy version instead. Either way, nearly 22% of responders loved this combo.
  • Tequila – 13% of people cut out the middleman and just had tequila with their burrito instead of mixing it into a margarita.

What’s your preference?

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