The Future of Hospital Food Is Here

The Future of Hospital Food Is Here

According to a report from NAFEM, the future of hospital food is rapidly changing, and it’s not even just because of COVID-19. These are factors that were already in place and creating a rapidly changing environment for hospitals.

For example, by 2029, more than 1 in 5 Americans will be over the age of 65. This is a generation that is used to dining out and enjoying food experiences at restaurants. That means the primary patient base is going to expect higher quality food, familiar meals, and maybe even some new experiences.

According to one report, it costs $6.41 per day to feed someone living in a senior facility. This means budgeting for future patient meals so that you can provide quality. Another report shows that medically tailored food resulted in fewer hospital visits. It’s even more important to tailor meals to patient needs once they are in a medical facility.

What can you do to keep your medical facility up to the challenge of feeding your current and future patients? Maybe Culinary Specialties can help. We have the future of hospital food available now in simple heat and serve options, prepared in a facility that meets the guidelines of the FDA and USDA.

Heat and Serve Menu Items for Your Hospital Cafeteria

Contact Culinary Specialties today at 760.744.8220, or you can request a custom quote from our website. The future of hospital food is delicious, easy to heat and serve, and customized to meet patient needs. Learn more by getting in touch with us today!